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Rwanda in Africa

Rwanda in Africa


View of Lake Kivu

View of Lake Kivu


Gas Spurt

Gas-rich water spurt

Straddling the border of Rwanda and DR Congo, Lake Kivu (2400 sq km) contains a huge deposit of natural gas, dissolved in its deep waters.

The gas reserves are estimated at 55 billion cum of methane gas (STP) and other gases. [Learn more..]

The exploitable portion of methane is estimated at 39 billion cubic meters (STP).

The resource both clean and renewable represents a huge potential, capable of covering the energy needs of the Great Lakes region for the next centuries to come. [Learn more..]

On top of its agenda, the Government of Rwanda is willing to tap the resource as a way to meet the ever increasing energy deficit countrywide.

In fact the traditional energy resources such as oil products are imported at high cost, while the over reliance on wood fuel put at risk a fragile environment.

To develop in a sustainable way, there is a need for a public-private partnership, both locally and internationally.

In order to attract investments in this sector, the Government of Rwanda has set up the Unit for the Promotion and Exploitation of Lake Kivu Gas (UPEGAZ), a body within the Ministry of Infrastructure. [Learn more..]

The aim of this web site is to provide an insight on the potential in Lake Kivu to prospective investors, and give information to a wide range of public on this wealth.

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